JOYSOUND is a premier Japanese karaoke brand.

About us

Corporate Profile

Corporate name XING Inc.
Head Office 3-8,Momozono-cho,Mizuho-ku,Nagoya,Aichi 467-0855, Japan
4-1、Shibakoen-nichome,Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
Chairman Jun Kamiya
President Tokuji Yoshida
Established May 6,1992
Paid-in Capital JPY7,122,648,000(As of March 31, 2012)
Business activity KARAOKE Business
Mobile entertainment Business
Home entertainment Business
New Business
KARAOKE Business
In the karaoke business for public use, XING Inc. produce karaoke equipments for rental and sales use. Also we produce various sound and visual contents data for karaoke business.
Management for the Karaoke Room and Restaurant in across Japan.
Mobile entertainment Business
XING Inc. provide various entertainment services and applications for mobile phone such as smartphones.
Home entertainment Business
XING Inc. produce Home-use karaoke services in the platforms such as Home-use game machines, PC, and IPTV.
New Business
For the creation of new business areas such as health services ,new style of karaoke business, stores, and mobile services, XING Inc has continue to make the market research and technological developments.


1992 May
Xing Inc. established
Sales and services of world first on-line Karaoke system business has been started in the brand name of "JOYSOUND"
1999 Dec
World first mobile ringtone on-line service business has started
2001 Jan
First mobile on-line karaoke service has been released to Japan market
2006 Nov
Karaoke social network service "UTA-SUKI" has opened and over 7 million members are registered on the network (as of 2012)
2008 Dec
"JOYSOUND KARAOKE Wii" has been released from Nintendo (in Japan)
2010 Jul

Merged with BMB corp. (2nd top share company in Japan Karaoke market) by acquiring 100% of its shares from USEN corp.
2012 Jun
Announcement of the next-generation formal on-line Karaoke "JOYSOUND f1" as the first model after the merger between XING and BMB.